Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sunny wanderings.

Pants the dog and myself were out today on our travels in the countryside, the weather in the South of England was glorious today.  Whilst walking around it was quite evident that the plants and insects understand that spring has sprung. I have to say I had a real treat with some wonderful sights today to name but a few the Bumble bee, Wood ants, a glorious Gold crest bird, Admiral Butterflies,squirrels and Rabbits.

Pants checking out a squirrel.
Bumble Bee very shy.
Wood Ants.

The warm weather has made the Wood Ants start to come to life to start there munching...

Gold crest they can have orange crests as well.
What a lovely bird the Gold crest is I was so privileged to meet this little chap today he came within arms distance, although this picture taken from the RSBB site shows a yellow crest the little bird today had a bright orange crest in the raised position great.

Baby Bilberry's.

When nature starts its new life things look so fresh and nice, even simple things like the Sycamore leafs unfurling.
Blackthorn in flower.
One of my favourite tree / bush is the Blackthorn it is so beautiful in its simple white colour.  The Blackthorn also provides the Sloes for my alcoholic drinks in the latter part of the year, the wood is also nice to carve.

Gauze in flower.
The simple Gauze bush when in flower is something to behold and an almost sickly but moreish scent is given of by the bush.

Well that just about finishes my little summary of my walk today, lets hope we have more days like today, not only for the weather but for the treat that Mother nature laid on.

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