Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wood Spirit Pipe Tamper

It is so nice to be finally well enough to update the blog site.  I was asked by a friend who smokes a pipe as to whether I could make a pipe tamper with a wood spirit face carved into it.  I thought that this would be an ideal way to get my carving started again and allow me to break myself back into posting on my site.  I decided to choose two woods for this small project cherry & blackthorn being hardwoods.  The cherry wood had seasoned and was an off cut from a spoon project, the blackthorn is completely green wood.  The photographs below show the outcome of my efforts, I am rather pleased with the finished pipe tampers. My only concern is the green blackthorn which is very slowly checking, I am slowing the process with multiple coats of walnut oil.  Worst come to worst I have some seasoned blackthorn and I will carve another one.
Blackthorn / Cherry wood
Blackthorn spoon hopefully the tamper will go the same colour !
I did state that this would be a simple first post back and so it is.  I hope you like the tampers not the last ones I will carve I think !!

I have completed the Gelert Solo Pt 2 review I will post soon on the outcome of my outdoor challenge.

A final thought they say if you see a Wood spirit in the forest he will bring you good luck!! Can you see the spirit in this picture? if not perhaps you were not meant to see him? thanks for reading.

Can you see the spirit man?


  1. Nice work mate - you still alive then - drop us a line some time

  2. I love the spoons, something I've not tried to carve. The later post on salting the wood was fantastic.