Saturday, 18 September 2010

A walk in the park

Yesterday I went for a quiet wander in the park.  The sort of day where you realise that Autumn is approaching and Summer is dying away.  This time of the year is great.  Sun but no real warmth. Cold but not freezing, and no wind, a still day.

The land still has all its lovely full Summer colours but you know the Autumn is approaching the Sweet Chestnuts are falling to the ground, though still to small to eat but in another 6 - 7 weeks we will be hopefully in for a lovely bumper crop of my favourite Autumn food Roasted Sweet Chestnuts. I looked around for the Dragonflies but they seem to have all disappeared.  Whilst looking for the flies I came across a wonderful splash of colour in the form of a Pink Waterlily among all the green I just had to take a picture.

The sun was streaming through the woodland canopy and bouncing of the water a real day to enjoy life.

Even in death beauty can be found, a dead tree that is being used by the Woodpeckers. Framed against a blue sky the tree stood out as I walked by.

Woodpecker Tree

I had to visit my favourite tree. Earlier in the summer I had picked Cherry Plums from this tree now of course all the fruit has gone, perhaps next year I may make some jelly jam from the fruit?

Cherry Plum Tree on the left.  Small hazel on the right.
This time of year in the UK edible mushroom / Fungus / Fungi are very much in season.  I found some lovely Beef Steak Fungus in the week which I sliced into thin strips and fried in a little butter served with salt and pepper, lovely. Today hidden away in an old but growing Oak tree was a small Beef Steak Fungus they only grow on old living Oak or Sweet Chestnut trees.  Be careful what you pick in the woods to eat if unsure please do not eat it some fungus's can kill. 
Small Beef Steak Fungus on an old living Oak tree.
Not all Fungi are edible but some I believe are just pretty in there own right.  Take this picture of the Common Ganoderma Fungi on an a very old Beech tree.  Beautiful for what it is I think?

Inedible Bracket Fungi Commom Ganoderma
Lots of Fungi, Fungus, Mushrooms etc around at the moment it seems like a bumper year? These Shaggy Ink Caps photographed at the side of the road are edible but must be eaten young.

Shaggy Ink Caps
As always I had Pants along with me, my companion generally on my walks and visits.

A thoroughly enjoyable walk in the Park.

Please before eating wild foods even if you think you know what it is check or ask someone who knows. Stay safe.


  1. I love your posts--it's like taking a little walk in the woods for a few minutes. I don't know anything about mushrooms, edible or poisonous, but several months ago I found two bizarre mushrooms in a yard nearby, red with white spots, which I Googled and found they were fly agaric, so that was interesting. I'd never seen them before.

  2. Willow I am so glad you enjoy my little posts. Please DO NOT EAT the Fly Agaric they are poisonous.

  3. No, no--I'm never tempted to eat wild mushrooms! I don't like to live dangerously.