Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Late Summer walk on the White Cliffs of Dover.

On Bank Holiday Monday I thought that I would go for a walk with my dog (Pants).

 The day had started off with brilliant sunshine. It had been such a shocking few days before that I needed to get out.  So at 07:30 off we went heading for the White Cliffs of Dover near Folkestone.  It did not take long before the Nokia E72 phone camera came into play the image quality is so good  have taken to leaving the Fuji at home.  The views of the coast of France were spectacular you could even see the buildings in what I assume is Calais.

Once at the top of the cliffs there is a very steep zig zaggy narrow path down to a small campsite.  We proceeded to continue down again I had to take a few images of the sun pouring through the foliage canopy.

The route down.
Nature is so beautiful at times. I started to notice that there was an abundance of ferns again the camera came out.
Hart's Tongue Fern
Halfway down we stopped to admire the view and I decided to wait for a train to appear.....I had along wait and in the end gave up and moved along.  Their is no morale or tale to this little story just the ramblings of a man enjoying a wonderful late summer walk with his dog, so please bear with me. 
In the distance Samphire Hoe.  The spoil from the Channel Tunnel.

During the Napoleonic wars Britain erected a series of Martello Towers on the South coast to warn of invasion most have been left to the weather or in some cases turned into homes.  Peeking out between the trees was a wonderful view of a Martello tower that has been restored back dropped by the English Channel. 
White Martello Tower
Once we reached the bottom we turned around and started our ascent of the narrow track.  I have to say that the upward trip was not as enjoyable as the descent.

Looking back up, the way home.
I got to the top completely out of breath, with a sweat on.  Pants however, just looked at me wanting more.....  I decided that we should head back to home within minutes a sea fog came in you could not see your hand in front of your face.  A walk that was enjoyable for the early morning sunshine and views for me, Pants just enjoys the walk.


  1. The foliage canopy is amazing and the sunlight you have captured has really given it a better glow, the lighting seems to be just about perfect! Really wonderful photos here,thanks for sharing them

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  2. Thank you for the kind comments. I hope you found my Blog of interest.