Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Dragonfly Walk

Common Darter Dragonfly
I look forward to expanding my knowledge about the Countryside, Nature and all things Outdoors. The 25th of August was just such a day.  I had the most fortunate opportunity to be given a very informative short lecture about Dragonfly's / Damselflies by a gentleman who's enthusiasm for his subject was infectious and you could not help but be swept up by it.  After the lecture we departed for a field trip to the local lakes and ponds to search for the flies.  We were so fortunate with the weather thank goodness the sun came out to play. On previous day's we had very heavy rain and in fact the remainder of the week was set for rain.  A glimmer of sunshine on the day we had chosen to conduct our Field Trip.  You cannot help wonder at the beauty of the Woodland in the Summer months.

Brown Birch Bolete

I found a couple of Bolete's one of which was about 6 - 7 inch across the top. Both are edible.

We parked, got booted up, collected our day sacks and proceeded.  We had not gone more than 300m from where we had left the vehicles before we came across our first Damselfly's, The Azure Blue.  We spent over 2 hours moving from wetland ground to ponds in search of the flies.

I have to say that being a complete novice it was quite a lot to take in.  The recognition of the different kinds of Dragonflies/Damselflies is overwhelming.  We came across over 10 - 12 different species on our little field trip.

White Legged Damsellflie
I have never really taken the time to stop and appreciate the beauty of the flies. I plan to rectify that by purchasing a small book on how to recognise Dragonfly. The walk gave me a chance to capture some images of the local woods and streams.  It is amazing, the lakes where almost dry after a prolonged period of no rain. One real heavy down pour and that all changes. We finished our little field trip I had my Cheese and Onion sandwiches, we chatted and all departed much the wiser for our field trip in search of Dragonflies. I found the day so very interesting.  All photos of Dragonflies in this short Blog are courtesy of my friend Bob the Beard, he has a wonderful portfolio of wildlife pictures thanks mate.
Brown Hawker

On a different subject whilst out and about the other day I found a very unusual plant/flower which I think is from the Artichoke family.  I would be interested if anyone could recognise the plant pictured below and post a comment, thanks.

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  1. I love dragonflies and see them occasionally here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lovely photos and I enjoyed taking a vicarious nature walk through your writing. Neat carved walking stick above!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad that you like one of my Hand Carved walking sticks. Its a small hobby of mine.