Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Lady Spoon

The template after battening the waste away.
I have manged to get some Cherry wood from a very old tree that had to be cut to keep it safe. I have been using the wood for some time. Originally I carved a wooden serving spoon for my home.  My son who when visiting asked where I had bought the spoon, I remarked that I had made the spoon.  He then asked me if I would make him one, I said that I would.  Some weeks later I got a round to actually carving the serving spoon, he collected it next time he arrived home.  My daughter came to stop some months later and made the same comment about the serving guess what I have made another spoon from Cherry wood.  This time I thought that I would document the making of the Spoon and post on the Blog.  I general terms I nearly always carve into green wood. Though this latest carving the wood had seasoned, flaky in places.

The outer shape carved and the start of the bowl using Mora Frost & Spoon Caving Knifes.
 The spoons are hand carved using a Mora Frost Knife and Mora Spoon Carving Knife.  I was taught to carve by a very good friend of mine Gary Wale.  We served together back in the day. "He says that he created a monster when he first learnt me to carve"

Once the bowl inner is carved start forming the outer shape of the spoon.
 My first effort was a small wooden spoon.  I have course gone onto learn to carve wood spirit faces etc as posted in earlier blogs. Any way here in picture form is the making of a Serving Spoon out of Cherry Wood.  The only thing that I had never tried before was carving a small simple design.  I quite like the affect that this gives to the spoon.

The complete roughing out stage completed.
I used to sand my work by hand but it just got to time consuming not too mention hard on the hands.  So I know rough out using a electric sander and finish off by hand.  It reduces the time in half but does not compromise on finish.

Sanded down and simple design carved using a Flextool.

The rear side of the nearly completed spoon.


Finished spoon rear view.

Once the sanding has been completed I always finish spoons that are going to be used for cooking/eating with Walnut Oil.  A lot of people use Olive Oil this can go rancid over time. To keep the wooden spoons in good order you can wash them as you do anything else that you have used for cooking.  However, you must if you want the spoon to keep well and long re-oil with Walnut oil then put it away.

I hope that you have found my little tale about how "The Lady Spoon" was created interesting, she is know off to a new home.


  1. It's really beautiful!

  2. Thank you for the kind comments. I love Cherry wood it has such a wonderful grain.