Thursday, 5 August 2010

Gelert Solo Tent

I have just decided that I am getting a little to old for the Tarp / Basha in the Autumn. So I have purchased a cheap lightweight one man tent the Gelert Solo. I made the choice of tent on a few simple requirements.

1. The amount of use the tent would get.
I like to go into the woods throughout the year with a potential for anything up to 10 visits in the wet periods.

2. Value for money.
Ten visits a year is not that excessive and in the right weather I would still like to Tarp or Basha up. So it needed to be cheap but sturdy. Based on many reviews that I have read about the Gelert Solo it seemed to fit the bill completely. We will see.

3. Size & and weight.
I was amazed at the tiny size of the tent when it arrived today no bigger than a mans forearm with about 1.5 kg total weight.

I have decided to complete a small review of the Gelert Tent in two stages. Firstly a simple breakout and set up of the tent at home. Followed by an in the field review probably of two or more field trips dependant on weather. The first review with pictures will follow shortly.

On an aside the name of the company Gelert is an interesting one please see below for some information.

Gelert by Charles Burton Barber (1845–1894)

For more information about the meaning of the name Gelert please follow the Wiki link. It is worth a read.

Watch this space for the review.

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