Saturday, 13 March 2010

Is it Winter or Spring.

Well I think Spring has finally arrived but then I could be wrong the weather has been so unpredictable this year. I have taken a few shots of the Woodland in its Winter coat. I have to say though despite the really bad snow we have had this year it has resulted in some wonderful scenery, which hopefully will reflect in some of the photographs I am posting.

The lake looked beautiful half frozen, these photographs were taken about midday but the temperature had not got much above freezing and with a biting wind made the day feel extremely cold.
I took these shots and then decided it was time for a short stop, a nice hot cup of tea was in order, though it did not stay hot for long.

The winter time in the woods is a peaceful place too be all the foliage has died back and allows you to see right through the forest how different it will be in the Summer months. The woods reveal all there hidden secrets like the Badger sets, Rabbit warrens, deer that you can spy from distance so that you can watch without spooking them. All the seasons have their own kind of magic.
These photographs were taken in February, just one month later the Woods had changed completely. The blanket of snow that we had in February had been holding back Spring but a little sunshine and everything started to come back to life.

The land looks well but with the heavy snowfalls the worst for 30 years and torrential rain that we have received the ground is absolutely soaking, which makes movement very difficult.

The Hazel has its Catkins flowering what a lovely site. The buds are beginning to show on all the trees and it will not belong before we are really into Spring. I also spotted a wonderful sight on an old Alder tree it was covered with Jews Ear fungus which I could not resist taking a photograph of.

What a fascinating thing Fungus is, I have seen some monstrous Artist Bracket Fungus on Beech trees I will make a point of taking some photographs of the Artist Bracket next time around, You can of course use this fungus to make a flint & steel fire tinder with which works well.

Finally below I saw this wonderful old tree that I thought worthy of a picture it looks dead however, I am assured that in the summer it comes to life, we will see I will post pictures of its rebirth!!! maybe.

Well that's about all for this time around hope you have enjoyed the photographs. I have been busy whittling spoons (Blackthorn below) and learning to carve wood spirit faces which is really great fun, as soon as I have carved a face that is worthy of a picture I will post some. I have also in the winter period made a Hobo stove at very little cost just over £5.00, which I have to say works wonderfully well. If anyone wants more information drop me a line thanks.

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