Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Monday Autumn Walk.

A cold, misty and dank day on my outing on Monday 09th November, but that does not belittle what was a quiet walk in the woods. The Beech trees have just about shed all of there lovely coloured leaves forming an eye catching chestnut carpet, what a wonderful picture. Trees like the Sycamore are still trying to hold onto there summer colours. The evergreens are putting on the style this time of year and even cones that have dropped can still be thing of beauty when the sun glistens on them.

I happened by a small burbling stream that I followed for sometime before hearing the lovely sound of cascading water, a small overhang of rock gave way to a small waterfall, I could not resist a picture. The sun come out for a short while and the affect on all things is quite remarkable we all like to feel the warmth of the sun on our backs myself included. The squirrels decided that it was time to come down from the trees to scurry and forage on the ground looking for the last of the Sweet Chestnuts and Acorns trying to fatten themselves up for the coming lean winter months.

The little squirrels can no longer hide amongst the large lush green fern canopy which has all but died back changing to a bedraggled brown colour, but in its own way quite pretty when offset with the the green of the grass, lichen and evergreen trees. I managed to walk too a piece of high ground where the view over the woodland canopy was stunning with there greens, browns, yellows, blues and whites the sun struggling to come out and burn the mist off from the tops of the trees.

The best of the day came at midday when the sun was at its highest and the autumn chill was taken out of the day, that said there was a cold bitter biting wind, the key was get out of the wind into the sun lovely. I was not the only one to try and achieve this I came across some pony's moving away from the grazing on the moorland to eating up the gauze bush's prickly old job
but which allowed them to be out of the wind and in the warmth of the sun, drinking from puddles in the tracks.

There was a distinct lack of birds on Monday why that was I am unsure, however I did come across a few Great Tits that seem to follow me, they just wanted me away from that particular part of the wood I assume? they moved so quickly I was unable to take a photograph of them maybe next time.

I stopped for dinner with my friend and decided to head back in the early afternoon sunshine wandering down a small track I suddenly came upon a large Fallow Buck grazing away from his herd, he had not seen me at first which allowed me to get my camera out and hastily take a photo, the Buck soon realised that I was there and was gone before I could take a second photograph, but a lovely treat to round the day off.

A pleasant Autumn walk all be it chilly at times but enjoyable.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Article on the Hazel Dormouse - The Telegraph.

A very good article in the Telegraph regarding the Hazel Dormouse and the census. Click the link to follow.

A Lunchtime Quickie 1230 - 1330.

The weather has been so nice of late that I decided to take my lunch which consisted of sandwiches and a bottle of water into the woods for an hour. Having devoured my small meal I thought I would take the opportunity to take some of my first photographs for the Blog. The first thing that struck me was the Holly, that has lovely bright red berry's on already, like most people it brings back memories of Christmas's gone by, that said we will soon be into the festive season.

The Sweet Chestnut trees have finished giving forth there wonderful fruit in fact as I began my short walk, I interrupted the deer sweeping up the Sweet Chestnut feast.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year the beautiful colours of the foliage whether it be on the trees or on the ground produces a breath taking picture.

I came across some fungi growing on an old tree stump which I thought produced a wonderful picture. I am not an expert on all things in the woods and do not profess to knowing all there correct titles, so there for I would appreciate any advice on names of woodland species I photograph and post online that I cannot recognise. I have invested in some small Fungi, Birds and Tree recognition books which I hope will be of some use, but if I get it wrong feel free to put me right.

An hour for lunch is not long and I soon found that my time was at an end. I took a couple more photographs and trotted of back to the office.
This is my first post on The Woodland Way I have said that this is a personnel journal but over the coming year I hope someone finds some of the pictures pleasing.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Great Nut Hunt.

Just to keep things ticking along whilst the site is coming together please follow the link to the Great Nut Hunt a survey of the Hazel dormouse from Oct 2009 until March 2010 easy to apply and well worth helping Natural England and the Hazel Dormice out.

New Site.

The Woodland Way blog is under construction. It is planned to be a personal account of the countryside, & actvities through the calendar year. I hope that visitors will find some of my accounts and photos of interest.